Top 5: Toronto, Canada




5) CN Tower

Before the Burj Khalifa there was the CN tower. At the time the CN tower was the world’s tallest free standing structure and even though it has been eclipsed now it still stands tall looking down over downtown Toronto. It’s a magical building and for me it is the symbol of Toronto. As you arrive in the city it’s one of the first things you see and its location down by the harbour makes for excellent Instagram photo opportunities! A tour to the top costs around $36 and tickets can be brought in advance here.

If you’re the adrenaline junkie type you can do the ‘edge walk’ where you walk around the ledge which circles the tower at the top. Tickets for this aren’t cheap at $225 but if you need an adrenaline rush it’s probably worth it!


4) Craft Beers

If like me you enjoy locally brewed craft beers then Toronto is the city for it. There are lots of options for whatever you fancy all across the city. Below are 4 out of quite literally 100’s of options:
Bar Hop
Bar Volo
C’est What?
Steam Whistle Brewery



3) Eat!

You can’t visit Toronto and not experience it’s wide ranging cuisine. With over 50% of the city’s population being born outside Canada you’re sure to find whatever food you’re looking for.

A favourite spot of mine in the city is Kensington Market. It has a touch of the Shoreditch or Digbeth vibes about it with a variety of food and spice stores as well as an outdoor market selling everything you could imagine there’s lots to keep you busy. Lots of bakeries and coffee shops too.

For lunch, head to Dirty Bird for their famous Chicken and Waffles. The ODB is their classic dish, think KFC chicken, sweet waffles with buttered maple covered in their own ‘dirty sauce’ with slaw.


2) Rogers Centre and Blue Jays game

Toronto is a sports city, as a PE teacher I was in my element. Maple Leafs, Raptors, Argonauts, Toronto FC, Blue Jays, the list goes on and you have to experience the buzz around the city on game day.

I was fortunate enough to catch a Blue Jays game at the Rodgers Centre, which in itself is a sight to behold. If you aren’t lucky enough to be there on a game day, head to the Rogers Centre and the Blue Jay’s store, inside the store there is a panoramic view of the stadium, worth having a look.


For the Blue Jay’s baseball game, unless it’s a playoff game you can normally turn up on game day and purchase tickets from the Rogers Centre. Either at the ticket office or at the many electronic ticket machines. Tickets start from around $13, a great price for live sport. Once inside the prices are quite expensive for food and drink so I’d advise having a few drinks and some food before heading into the game (visit one of the bars in #4, C’est what? Is around a 10 minute walk or steam whistle is a stone’s throw across the road)

When we went the roof was closed for the game but weather dependent it’s usually open and offers a dynamic view of the CN tower too!


1) Niagara Falls visit 

Not strictly in Toronto but as it’s only 90 minute drive it’s worth taking the day trip. There are hundreds of day trips from Toronto, some of the most popular are listed below:

Once you get to Niagara and step off the bus you’ll notice the mist and spray in the air due to the volume and power of the falls. There are plenty of excellent photo opportunities from at the top overlooking the falls but you need to take a cruise to get right involved!

I can’t recommend highly enough the Hornblower cruise which takes you into the heart of the horseshoe falls. Be prepared to get wet! They give you a poncho but this does little if I’m being honest. It’s great fun and you’ll be blown away by the power and beauty of the falls. Prices start at around $25 but it’s well worth it for the experience.



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