Top 5: Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

The location for the 2000 film ‘The Beach’ this jewel in the Andaman Sea is a must visit!

When: August 2015
How long for: 3 days

5) Be a beach bum


As you approach the Phi Phi islands on the ferry just take in the beauty that surrounds you. I imagined what these islands would have been like before tourists arrived. The natural beauty would have been incredible. It’s hard to deny that despite bringing in large sums of money that tourism has obviously put strains upon this island paradise. Nevertheless it is still an amazing place to visit. At some point you will need a beach bum day whether that’s to relax after a long journey or after a big night the night before! The Loh Dalum Beach is the better side to relax in my opinion as there are less boats. You can find a nice quiet spot further down the beach if you wish or stay close to the bars and cafes. The water is emerald green and the sand is pristine white. It is an absolute paradise. Why not get a bamboo tattoo at one of the local tattoo studios on your stroll back to your hostel?

4) Boat trip


Boats, or should I say taxi boats, are abundant on Koh Phi Phi Don (The main island) and willing to take you anywhere on the island. Most people visit Koh Phi Phi to go and see the famous Maya Beach which is located on Koh Phi Phi Leh. This was the location that was use to film the 2000 movie The Beach. This led to a massive increase in tourism to the island. Please don’t expect to have a perfectly serene deserted beach when you go, it will be heaving with tourist. Still well worth a visit though. In 2004 the island was devastated by the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Most of the facilities on the island have been restored to it’s former state now. Another popular tour from people I met whilst there was to Monkey Beach, however some were less complimentary about this.

3) Diving

Forgive me on the lack of detail on some of this post, I believe I was drunk most of the time when I was in Phi Phi. Including when I went diving. I will never do this again and I would not recommend it! The company we went with was PP Aquanauts. They offered really friendly and efficient customer service and the staff were very welcoming, even offering us back to their base for drinks later on that evening. The actual sites used for the dives were brilliant and we saw a wide array of sea life including leopard sharks and cuttlefish. The guy with me was great as he made sure he helped me when I needed it and left me to be independent as much as he could. He thought I was just inexperienced, I didn’t tell him about the intoxication. To top it off when I came up from the dive it was evident that I’d had a nose bleed because I wasn’t breathing properly! What an amateur. I had an amazing time though. Many people choose to do their PADI qualifications here as the dives are good and the prices reasonable.

2) Phi Phi View Point


Follow the sign to climb the Phi Phi viewpoint. That sweat you build up will be worth it I promise you. It is one of those views that pictures just doesn’t do justice. Be sure to go up before sunset so you can see the emerald green waters contrast with the glowing sand on the north side of the island and the deep blue sea of the south trapped between lush green vegetation. You can then grab a drink and wait for the sun to go down to catch the most magical sunset.

1) Party


I went to Phi Phi to experience island life in Thailand and to see the natural beauty that Thailand and Phi Phi has been blessed with. However, that could be done on hundreds of islands in Thailand. So, yes I did some cultural things in Thailand but I won’t lie, the main reason I ended up in Phi Phi was to party. It is definitely a wild island and you can maybe take some stories home! There are some great bars but really, just follow where the people are.

Ibiza Pool Party – Great pool party on during the day. Located just off the beach at Loh Dalum. Thankfully they are perfectly happy with soaked money and just hang it on the washing line.

Ibiza Beach club – As night descends make your way to the beach part of the Ibiza resort. Dance on the beach to some hypnotizing music with fire shows surrounding you, all with the back drop of the beautiful bay.

Slinky’s – Just down from Ibiza bar. There is lots to do at this bar and it parties hard late into the night.

Apache Beach Bar – Located just along from Slinky’s. Sip on buckets whilst you chill with your friends on beanbags on the beach. Then build up the courage to have a go at the fire limbo or rope! (Don’t worry, if you get burnt you are given some water to pour on it).

Reggae Bar – Do you want to fight for a free bucket!? Volunteer to get in the cage and you can earn yourself a free lethal bucket. Warning – you don’t know who you will be fighting! I would recommend to fight a friend. Situated more in the centre of the island.

Stockholm Syndrome – Located close to Reggae bar, a lively bar with beer pong, pool tables and a busy dance floor.

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