Top 5 tips for dealing with travelling blues

5)- Catch up with friends and family

Whether you’ve been away for 2 weeks or 6 weeks it’s always nice to return back to familiar faces that you may, or may not have missed… Sharing tales from your travels will let you reminisce for a short period and travel back to those far-away places that your heart desires. You’ve probably got about a week or two to do this before your family or friends sarcastically quip ‘oh was that when you were in Bali?’ You’ll know at this point you may have bored them with your chat and it’s time to refrain.

4) Eat food you’ve missed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in India, Vietnam or Argentina, there will always be a craving for home comforts and for us this is usually food. Filling your stomachs with home cooked food or local curry (our favourite) is a great way to forget about the fact you can’t eat street food every day or have Pho for breakfast.

street food thailand


3) Show anyone that will look at your photos

koh tao.jpg

Let’s face it, unless you break the unwritten rule of Instagram that states: ‘thou will not upload excessive amounts of photos of your holiday’  you’re going to have some great photos that the world has not yet laid eyes upon and you want to share them. If anyone utters the words ‘you’ll have to show me your photos when you get a chance’ take the chance there and then. They’ll probably regret it after the 81st picture of a waterfall but you’ll be having a great time explaining to them how good it was to cool off in the natural pools below.

2) Delete all/any accounts on Instagram that bring back memories of better days and travels gone past.

If you’re serious about avoiding the holiday blues this is a must. You don’t want to wake up, open Instagram and be faced with shots of untouched beaches and rope swings in the jungle; an un-following spree is the only way forward. You may even begin to despise these lucky souls who are still travelling whilst you’re stuck trying to re-adjust to normality and routines.

instaWhilst you’re at it, it’s a great opportunity to follow new accounts of places not yet explored to give you the thirst for planning and booking your next trip. As one door closes, another opens, or something like that.


1) Plan/Book your next adventure

coffee shopWhilst your bank account or credit card company may advise differently, having your next trip booked or at least planned will help reduce those terrible blues. An afternoon in a coffee shop with your travelling buddy scouring world maps and plotting routes will have you looking forward rather than backwards in no time. Remember-‘money returns, time doesn’t’ so get out there and make it count.


These tips aren’t gospel, some will work, some won’t. If you’ve got methods to deal with the blues let us know by commenting below…

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