Favourite City
Favourite Food– Indian
Favourite Cocktail– Mojito
Top 3 Bucket List destinations– S.America, Nepal, New Zealand
Traveller type Diva






Favourite City– Hanoi
Favourite Food– Vietnamese
Favourite Cocktail– Caipirinha
Top 3 Bucket List destinations– South Africa, Iceland, Philippines
Traveller type– Wanderer





How many times have you heard ‘Oh bloody teachers get half the year off with holidays’ or ‘Do you ever work with all the holidays you have?’

It’s true, we get 13 weeks off a yearΒ and this is aΒ huge perk of the job, it give us the opportunity to travel, toΒ explore, to live.

This blog aims to share quick easy tips for a variety of places around the world.

We need contributors, so the criteria is simple, if you’re a teacher and you have travelled and would like to write a short blog please get in touch using the contact page.

Life is for living, everything else is just borrowed.